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The Keys to Martial Arts Success
I’ve heard all sorts of stories about how to succeed in the martial arts. “You have to start when you’re three!” and “You have to train nine hours a day for ten years” or “You have to move to Japan and eat rice three times a day.”

The truth is, age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, how athletic you are when you start doesn’t matter, and where you grew up does not matter.

Since 1979, my best students have followed this plan:

1) They got to class twice a week, every week during the karate season.
2) They practiced on their own on a regular basis
3) They listened to their instructors.

Simple really – take the three step formula and apply it to any job, art, sport, or school course, and you will be successful.

(Thank You)

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“Having a World Champion like Shihan Yates teaching your kids karate is like having a Stanley Cup winner coaching your kids hockey team”   Sean H.

“Promar Karate has boosted my self-confidence. Before I started I was very shy and wasn’t comfortable being in front of groups of people. Since training at Promar, I have gotten more sure of myself, and started attending karate tournaments. My confidence has grown, and I’ve won a National Karate Title, thanks to that.” Becky S.

Martial Arts Supplies

Promar Karate also carries a full line of martial arts uniforms, safety gear, weaponry, and supplies.