Promar Karate
190 Mitchell Rd S, Listowel, ON

Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Studies show that martial arts programs are 10 times better for building self-esteem than traditional team sports. Because karate can be done at an individual pace, success comes from personal victories, not who scored and who sat on the bench.

- Students of all ages build self-esteem and confidence by meeting and defeating obstacles and by growing with the martial arts.

- When an adult goes from not being able to do one pushup and two months later they can do twenty pushups, they feel better because they know they've improved. When a shy student learns to get up in front of their class and perform their self-defense, they will have the confidence to get up in front of their school mates and give a speech.

- When an out of shape student loses ten pounds and can touch their toes for the first time in years, their self-esteem rises.

- When a bullied child feels that they can defend themselves if they have to, they no longer live in fear.

Does confidence miraculously appear when you put on a karate outfit?
No. Confidence and Self-esteem are developed through progressive training, reaching goals and positive reinforcement.

Located at 190 Mitchell Road south (hwy 23) in the Apple Auto Glass building and right beside Dairy Queen.

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This is our full-time office and location. Karate and all private lessons, judo/jujitsu classes and weapons are also held here.