Promar Karate
190 Mitchell Rd S, Listowel, ON

"Shihan Yates has turned out winning students."

- Marc L

"I lost 23 pounds training with Promar Karate."
- Mike B

"My kids finally learned some self-control.  Their karate lessons were a big part of that."
- Judy R

The Keys to Martial Arts Success
I’ve heard all sorts of stories about how to succeed in the martial arts. “You have to start when you’re three!” and “You have to train nine hours a day for ten years” or “You have to move to Japan and eat rice three times a day.”

The truth is, age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, how athletic you are when you start doesn’t matter, and where you grew up does not matter.

Since 1979, my best students have followed this plan:

1) They got to class twice a week, every week during the karate season.
2) They practiced on their own on a regular basis
3) They listened to their instructors.

Simple really – take the three step formula and apply it to any job, art, sport, or school course, and you will be successful.

(Thank You)

Your Chief  Instructor

Shihan Mark Yates
has been teaching martial arts since 1979. He is a 7th Degree Black Belt in the art of Goshinjitsu and a Four Time World Karate Champion. Shihan also holds Black Belts in Traditional Judo and Nihon Ryu Jujitsu.

Shihan’s Championships were in Self Defense at the 2002 Sport Karate International League’s World Championships and in Creative Weapons, Traditional Weapons, and Creative Forms on the North American Sport Karate Association’s World Tour 2013.

As a school, Promar Karate has ranked in the top 25 Sport Karate Schools in the World by The  National Black Belt League.

Since 1994, Promar Karate members have won 19 World Titles, and over 200 American, National, Provincial, and State Karate Titles.

Two highlights of Shihan’s career are:

1) “I’m very proud of the fact that in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, I was a single parent of four kids and was still able to run a full-time dojo, and take a team out to win karate championships.”

2) “Winning 3 NASKA World Titles was the hardest martial arts thing I’ve ever done; but it was also the most fun. I learned a lot competing on NASKA and it made me a martial artist.”

Other titles Shihan has won.

PKC Grand Nationals and Self-defense Grand Championship.

Shihan is the only martial artist to win Can-Am Black Belt Self-defense three years in a row, 1995, 1996, and 1997
PKC Ontario Black Belt Self-Defense 1996
PMAA Black Belt Self-defense 2003

Creative Senior Black Belt Weapons PKC 1997
Traditional Weapons PKC Great Lakes 2000

Kata and Forms
PKC Over 35 Black Belt Kata 1997
Black Belt Korean Forms PMAA 2003